Friday, February 26, 2016

Dose of Colors Hidden Treasures Palette

I was kind of wary about purchasing this palette at first. I've tried a few lip products from Dose of Colors and was very impressed, but after seeing some photos of this palette, I was on the fence. I need a new eyeshadow palette like a hole in the head but after taking the plunge, I'm so glad I bought this. Unfortunately it is sold out at the moment, but may be restocked soon.

The packaging is a bit weird for me... I don't love the way all of the shadows are scattered randomly, but it is slim and does have a good mirror. Now, on to the real surprise--the amazing shadow quality. I am absoloutley blown away with how pigmented and glittery these are. Coin is a beautiful foiled copper shade, Pearl a shimmery vanilla highlight, Crown a burnt orange foil, and Gemstone another foiled rose gold shade. Onyx is a creamy true black, Locket a great brown transition shade, Diamond another more copper foiled shade, Map a brown matte, Ruby a burgundy foil shade, and Key a dark brown transition. The foiled shades really steal the show--they are so creamy and pigmented, really adding dimension to your eyes. All of these shades were swatched only once without primer!

Coin, Pearl, Crown, Gemstone, Onyx, Locket, Diamond, Map, Ruby, Key

I'm so glad I bought this palette, and hopefully it will be re-released so others can try it. Did you pick this up? Have you tried anything else from Dose of Colors? Share below!


  1. I saw video swatches of this and it looked so gorgeous! I love how metallic they all look.

  2. Love the colours! They are amazing!
    Yea... the way the eyeshadows are placed might be a bit strange...

  3. I like the darkest colour the most. It would be good on me, I think. Have any photos with those colours on the eyes, actually?