Friday, January 8, 2016

Is This The Solution to Dark Circles?

I've tried so many concealers out there, it's hard to believe one will finally do a good job of clearing up my dark circles. A lot of them look nice at first, and despite setting it, it ends up creasing within hours. Oh, and let's not forget how important a good eye cream is too. I forgot to bring one home, so my undereyes have been looking even more worse for the wear. But with these three products, my dark circles might finally have some competition.

I'm obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury, I think the woman can do no wrong. Her skincare can be pretty pricy, but works wonders. She's recently launched the Magic Eye Rescue, which is well worth the $60 price tag. I've only been using it for a few days but already notice that my circles are fading. It claims to do a whole host of things and I'm impressed... I can't wait to see what my eyes look like in a few weeks. There's also a new Magic Night Cream, which I only dream about now (its $145!!!).

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Now, on to the concealers. I had been anticipating the Make Up Forever Ultra HD Concealer for a while, but didn't expect to be as impressed as this. I have two shades--R22 is a peachy shade that I put on first to neutralize, then Y23 is a yellow shade to highlight and brighten. Other brands like Bobbi Brown use the method of a corrector underneath a brightening shade as well, and I had forgotten how well it works. What I love about these is how well they cover without being too thick. A little goes a very long way, but it doesn't really get cakey, like thicker formulas. Although you can wear just the R or Y shades alone, I recommend getting both and then layering them.

R22 and Y23

If you struggle with dark circles, or want to brighten your eye area, I think it's worth the investment of both the Charlotte Tilbury Eye Magic and MUFE Concealers. I can't say that my dark undereye area is completely brightened, but I notice a huge improvement when I use these three colors together. As always, let me know what other products you love to use to help with dark circles!


  1. Wow this looks amazing!!
    -Morgs x

  2. Oh I haven't used these but I find that MUFE's foundations conceal well so might as well give these a try! :)