Sunday, December 27, 2015

Pixi Book of Beauty Glow Getters

Pixi has been a very hit-or-miss collection for me. But lately, it's been all hits. They've recently released an entire skincare range (which I purchased a lot of, review coming soon once I have more of a consensus) as well as some new makeup items. I was intrigued by these "Book of Beautys" (basically palettes) and of course had to have the highlight one. The Book of Beauty - Glow Getters features six generous sized highlighters for only $24, which makes each one only $6!

I'm not a huge fan of the packaging--I admit the book style is cute, but it feels a bit cheap. The pans are large but not that deep, so the packaging feels a bit thick and light. The quality of the highlighters themselves are amazing. They're all so soft and luminous, but not super glittery. This is perfect for someone who loves a bit of a sheen without looking like a disco ball. None of them are matte, but none are over-the-top shiny. There are a variety of shades included, from a pearly white to a more golden shade. With a light hand, any of these could be used as setting powders on any area of the face. What's weird is that none of the highlighters have individual names, and although I'm not super familiar with Pixi, I can't find any of them sold individually online.

Right now, this is only available on the Pixi website, and if you use the code "pixiwakeup" you can save 20% on any order. Plus, they have free 2-day shipping for orders over $25. If highlighters aren't your thing, they also have beauty books for bronzers, contouring, blushes, brows, and minimal makeup. They're perfect for any makeup junkie and I'm very impressed. Great job Pixi!


  1. Those colours are so pretty!