Friday, December 4, 2015

More Makeup From Across The Pond

European drugstores just kill it. Although the beauty selection in the US has some decent items, I've found that the drugstore makeup in the UK is really a notch above. There are a lot more brands that stay on trend with what higher-priced collections do and there's certainly more of a selection. Let's just say I've had many dreams about spending hours in Boots. Whenever I know of anyone heading to the UK, I always try to finagle them to bring me some makeup from across the pond. My friend was recently in Scotland and kindly purchased me these items, so here are my first impressions.

No 7 Shimmering Glow Palette. Fortunately, some Boots UK products are available in the US, but it's mostly skincare. They have some cool limited edition collections in the UK, including their Christmas collection. I'm a sucker for highlights, but was kind of surprised by this. It looked golden online but is actually silver. The tone reminds me of the Chanel highlighter I missed out on last Christmas. It swatches decently, but I'm interested to see how the silver looks on my skin. It would always make a beautiful eyeshadow shade if it comes to that.
Seventeen Easy on the Eyes Palette in Birthday Suit. I guess Black Friday is a thing in the UK as well now, so my friend got this on sale for 4 pounds--which is less than $8! It's impossible to find a good drugstore palette that inexpensive that provides the results this one does. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the swatches, but the 12 nude shades are gorgeous. They're not the most pigmented, but definitely impressive for the price. I like the inclusion of a few cream shadows which make good bases.
Sanctuary Wonder Body. This looked like a good dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Legs, and I know Sanctuary is a great brand. They have so many luxurious skin and body products at inexpensive prices. I've tried the famous 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask and love it, so figured I would love this too. I haven't used it yet, as there really isn't a need to show off my pasty limbs as winter approaches, but the golden shimmery lotion seems like it will sheer out. I'm always afraid of looking streaky, but I think this will blend into a subtle glow that also hydrates. 
Collection #BlushandGlow Palette. So many Youtubers raved about this, plus the price was great, so I figured I needed to have this. Collection is another very inexpensive brands with stellar product results. Although their packaging is a bit cheap, the powders feel far more luxe than the look would suggest. Each product is not overly pigmented and is perfect for a soft, everyday look. Sometimes the blushes in these palettes can be clownish, but these are great.

Collection Blush and Glow Palettte, No 7 Shimmering Glow

Have you tried any of these products? And if you live in the UK/have access to a Boots, let me know what else I should look into trying!


  1. Very nice shades ♥

  2. it's so much fun when friends bring back makeup from other countries! i had a ton of makeup in my bag last time i visited the UK!

  3. This Collection palette looks really great. Not too pigmented at all (:
    Nati xx

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