Thursday, December 17, 2015

10 Highlights of 2015

I can't believe Christmas is a week away, and New Years following shortly after! 2015 was a crazy year as always, with a bit more traveling than usual. As this year comes to a close, I thought I would reflect on ten of the most exciting or memorable moments of the year. It's something fun to think about and then look back on. These are in no particular order but I tried to think of them chronologically as the year went on. I know you're thinking I should do 15, but 10 was a lot easier to think of.

1. Going to Disney World for a school class. It was so cool to experience something I've previously enjoyed in an academic setting. Learning can still be fun!

2. Realizing I can overcome traumatizing moments. I broke my nose at the end of January and although it was scary, I dealt with it like a champ and didn't make it that big of a deal. I have a small scar on my face but you can barely tell.

3. Beginning to date my boyfriend. We had been friends for a while before, so starting to date each other was different than any other experience I've had. We already knew a lot about each other, yet there was a lot to still learn.

4. Day or weekend trips to Montreal. It's so close to Vermont and I really wish I could go more, because it's a slice of Europe. There's so much to do and their pharmacies are to die for--each trip to Pharmaprix could be a highlight in itself.

5. Getting published on Thought Catalog! This happened at the beginning of September when I submitted a piece on Bingewatching TV Shows on a whim, originally on the blog. I love sharing my more thoughtful pieces with others.

6. Moving into my apartment. Although I'm now only here until May, it's my first time in college living somewhere for a full year. It has it's quirks but I'll be sad to leave.

7. Heading down South! I visited my boyfriend's mom in Georgia for a week over the summer, and it was my first experience in the South. It's quite different than the North, especially the heat.

8. As lame as it sounds, I discovered a ton of new TV shows that were amazing. Scream Queens, How To Get Away With Murder, Fargo, the list could go on and on...

9. Discovering a community at UVM Hillel. I was previously a social media intern at Hillel, a non-profit Jewish organization on campus, and took over leading the social media team this year. Not only did i get to work in a field I loved, but I built connections and relationships that I hadn't previously found in college.

10. Having the crazy idea to write, produce, and direct a short horror film with my friend next semester. I've loved horror for such a long time and we have high hopes for this. Stay tuned next year for more to come...

Like I said, definitely not a comprehensive list but just a small slice into some highlights of my life. If you do this on your blog, please share below and let me know some of your highlights of 2015!

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  1. Looks like you had a great year! I would love to go to Montreal to, but it's very far.. Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true ;) Isabella x