Monday, November 23, 2015

Kiko Cosmic Starlets Collection

Kiko is without a doubt one of my favorite affordable makeup brands. It used to only be available in Europe but over the summer, they launched an online store and a few retail locations. Their limited editions are especially fantastic, and I had been waiting for a new one to launch since it had been a few months. Just last week, the limited edition holiday Cosmic Starlets collection launched. There are a variety of giftsets, from lip and nail polish duos to some fragrances. I ordered a few of the items online, so here are my first impressions.

Moon Dust Face Powder in Mysterious Pink and Fairy Mauve. Baked blushes/highlighters are one of my weaknesses. This collection in general is slightly more expensive for Kiko, but as you can see above, you get quite a lot of product. The collection features red futuristic packaging, and I'm very impressed by these two products. They are pigmented, finely milled, and don't emphasize pores. I was impressed with how easily they were able to blend into my skin, and both colors are perfect for winter.
Shining Star Lip Lacquer in Cool Mauve. Although it looks like a nail polish, this is actually a lip gloss! It's a gorgeous MLBB nude with a hint of shimmer and it's so moisturizing. It's enriched with Vitamin E, which helps dry lips (perfect for winter). There is no intense taste or scent to it, which makes it a great find for those who are sensitive to certain scents. I wish they had more than four shades or I would certainly get more!
Temptress Lip Set in Misty Rose. I guess since this has the name "Rose" I expected it to be more, well, rosy. It's quite nude and very light compared to what I normally wear. The other colors were a bit too bold for me. I like the lip liner better, as I think the lip shade might be too light. Fortunately, it's sheer enough that one layer makes it a more wearable shade for me. It might be a good base to a lipgloss though. If you like light peach nude shades, this one is for you.

L-R: Mysterious Pink, Fairy Mauve, Misty Rose Lipliner, Misty Rose Lipstick, Cool Mauve

I know this collection is incredibly new to the US, but I highly recommend the blushes and lip lacquers! Have you tried anything from it?


  1. The colors look nice. I have yet to try Kiko.

  2. Such a loveyl new range. I love Kiko (:
    Nati xx

  3. Love this! I need to get the mauve blush and the mauve lip lacquer!

  4. Love this! I need to get the mauve blush and the mauve lip lacquer!

  5. I have just done a KIKO post featuring the moon dust powder, I love it. It's so pretty on the skin.

    Zeynab x
    The Beauty Load

  6. Do you know if they have an online store? Kiko is all over internet now and I need to try them asap!!! :)

  7. Ouhh, so exciting! I've tried a few things but only what I've been able to grab while in England. Was shipping expensive to the US? I'm in Canada so I imagine it would be similar...
    Ivory Avenue