Friday, November 6, 2015

Intro to H&M Beauty

If I'm not mistaken, pretty much the entire community was blown away by H & M's gigantic new 700-piece beauty line. Everything is under $15 and there's a huge variety of products. I took the plunge and bought a few things online, but then when I visited my sister in Washington DC, they had the actual displays. It was like a mini Sephora. I know only certain stores have the actual displays, so it's worth a call to your local one to see if they got it. I purchased some of these items as a gift for a friend, but she was kind enough to let me include them in the first impressions before I gave them to her.

Pressed Powder Blush in Deep Brown and Tawny Peach. These have a nice satin matte finish--they aren't super super matte but there's no shimmer at all. I picked up two neutral shades and the brown shade could even be used as a very light contour.
Perfectionist Finishing Powder in Ivory. For some reason, I can't find the color I got online (they are out of a few things) but this is a soft, lightweight powder that reminds me of a slightly fuller coverage Charlotte Tilbury powder.
Natural Bronzer in Solar Flair. For only $10, the packaging is so minimalist chic that I really admire what they've done. This powder is soft and the most natural/cool toned bronzer of the four.
Concealer Pen in Vanilla Ivory. This isn't quite the Touche Eclat dupe I was hoping for, as it settles into fine lines a bit more, but is still a worthy contender. I chose the peachy shade to counteract dark circles.
Concealer Palette in Light/Medium. I love these concealer kits with multiple shades, as I often do my friends' makeup and these work for a variety of skintones and needs. I was very impressed with this one's creamy consistency.
Liquid Eyeliner. Although this is a nice jet deep black shade, I wish I had picked up the pen version as I find brush ones harder to maneuver. The plus is that they do often have a deeper application of the actual product.
Aubergine Dream Eyeshadow Palette. Unfortunately none of the eyeshadow palettes are online, but they had a great selection of at least six or seven. I chose the more purple shade, as that's one of my favorite wearable colors. Most of the colors are decently pigmented and last all day.
*I haven't actually worn any of the lip formulas for an extended period of time yet, so can only give first impressions.
So Cocoa Cream Lipstick. Vampy lips are perfect for fall, especially in a hydrating medium/full coverage cream formula.
Lip Pencil in Au Natural and Choc Therapy. Pinky neutral lipliners are one of my weakness, especially since they're usually one of the more inexpensive items in a collection. Au Natural reminds me of Charlotte Tilbury's Pillowtalk and they're both non-drying.
Cream Lip Stain in Storyteller. I guess this different than a liquid lipstick as it dries down to more of a stain? I also picked up a liquid lipstick, so I'll have to test out the formula differences.
Lush Lip Vinyl in Chic Chock. Oops didn't realize that they even have three types of liquid lip formulas--a lip vinyl, lipstick, and stain. This one is more magenta than Storyteller.
Lip Cream in Screen Siren. I picked up this color because it's a bit out of my comfort zone--it's a slightly darker red but definitely more bold than what I'm used to.

Unfortunately, it looks like they are sold out of a lot of products online, especially the lip ones. Hopefully they restock soon but it's definitely worth a look in store if you are fortunate to live near one. Let me know if you want any in-depth reviews/swatches of any products, but based on first impressions, I'm quite impressed. It's hard to find an affordable brand with a variety of colors/products with great packaging and H&M does it all.

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  1. Everything here looks so so beautiful, and this is such a great review on the products! The Pressed Powder Blushes look gorgeous, and remind me of Tom Fords' packaging for some reason - I want them so much.