Friday, October 16, 2015

New Product Update (MUFE, Tata Harper, Chanel, Lorac)

There is literally so much new makeup coming out I can't keep up with it. Also, I'm totally inspired by the Pixiwoo "New Product Update" videos that they come out with every month or so showcasing all the newness that has hit the shelves lately (although they're far more fortunate than me with the amount of products they recieve).  Christmas is over 2 months away and yet every day it seems like brands are launching new products. With that being said, it's certainly not feasible or economic to purchase everything you see, so these are five of the new products that have launched within the past few weeks that I think are worth picking up.

Make Up Forever 15 Artist Shadow Palette. Makeup Forever shadows have to be some of my favorite. They're all pigmented, buttery, and the shimmery shades aren't glittery while the matte shades don't fall flat. Each of these colors are a decent size, and I like how you can create more bold looks with this. I own way too many neutral palettes, so the green, bronze, and gold shades are great ways to spice up your look without looking gaudy.
Lorac Mega Pro Palette 2. If you buy one eyeshadow palette this season, or year, have it be this. I mean, you really can't beat 40 shadows for less than $60. I'm guilty of owning the Lorac Palettes 1 and 2, as well as the Mega Pro Palette 1, but each palette has mostly different shades. These are quality shadows and although the surface is big, there's a huge mirror and it's thin enough to use for travel There are a variety of shades, from cool to warm or matte to shimmer, and there are enough bold or neutral shadows that you can really use this for anything.
Chanel Illuminating Powder. First of all, let's talk about the design. How gorgeous are the interlocking Cs--even if the product stunk (which it doesn't) collectors will want this just for the packaging. You can use the beige shade alone to brighten with a subtle highlight, while the peach shade is a little more bold and can be used as a blush or highlight. I like to swirl the shades together, since they're kind of hard to get out individually, and use this as a subtle highlight or a blush on days when I want a lighter look. 
Tata Harper Very Illuminating and Very Bronzing. Are you sick of seeing contour/highlighting products yet? I'm not... bring them on! I'm not super familiar with the brand, although I know they're one of the few that actually is in Vermont, but they're all natural. They're creamy but not so creamy that they're hard to blend, yet creamy enough that it doesn't feel like chalk. Although the highlight looks quite white and icy, it's almost sheer and sinks into skin with a hint of sheen. I only wish they came in a kit together.

What's been on your radar for new beauty? 

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