Monday, October 26, 2015

10 Things I've Learned About Makeup

I've been in love and involved in the beauty community for over two years now. I used to do the most basic makeup, and I still like pretty natural looks, but here are ten things I've learned about makeup in my two years of "research". Some are more specific to me, whereas some are more general.

Just some makeup I've been meaning to put away :0

1. Winged eyeliner is hard and takes time to get right. I can always do it perfectly on one eye and then mess it up on the other (I swear my eyes are different shapes)/
2. Invest and get some real brushes. You can find pretty good cheap ones, like Real Techniques, but usually the ones that come with products aren't the best. 
3. Do your research! I almost always look up at least one review/video of a product before I buy it. Also learn your return policies, because most stores do at least give store credit if you've tried and bought a product you didn't love.
4. You can never have too many nude lip products. 
5. If you have a serious collection, organize things! I have an Ikea Alex, which is very helpful, but the drawers themselves are messes. If anyone knows of inexpensive drawer organizers that hold a lot, please share!
6. Makeup setting sprays are life-changing. I hardly spray my makeup during the day, although this is good to do if things are getting cakey or need some rejuvenation. But a simple spray after you're done helps everything last a lot longer and I do really notice a difference.
7. Priming is another great way to keep your makeup on longer. Even if you just moisturize before foundation, or use a cream eyeshadow before your powders, doing something to help lock in your makeup before you apply also extends wear-time.
8. Not all makeup is created equally. I truly believe that a lot of high-end products are worth their upwards of $50 price tag, but I might find a blush I love just as much for $3 at the drugstore. 
9. I kind of ignore expiration dates. The only thing I really follow through with is mascara, because it is the most noticeably expired and I'm scared of eye infections. If something does look really weird or funky I will toss it.
10. Have fun! I don't care what some people say, makeup is as much of an art as painting or drawing. Whether your canvas is yourself or someone else, it's not permanent and there are endless looks to create.


  1. I definitely agree with getting good brushes! They make such a big difference xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. For the Alex drawers marshalls home goods and tj max sell clear organizers that fit perfectly and work really well for separation.