Friday, September 11, 2015

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Eyeshadows

I started watching Tanya Burr on Youtube for about a year and think she's absolutely adorable. She also got married this past weekend, so congratulations! She previously had a small cosmetics line, with some lipglosses (I own one and it's pretty good) and some nail polishes. It was recently reformatted and re-released, with new packaging and some new products. As you know, I'm an eyeshadow junkie so I picked up all 3. I got them on and they're quite affordable at less than $10. Normally shipping takes about a week but this time it took two weeks and had me kind of freaking out since you can't track your order. They're currently on a 3 for 2 sale, so pick them up now if you're interested!

The compacts are cardboard, with a cute heart-shaped mirror. I love the mirror and the size of the eyeshadow, but feel the packaging is a bit bulky and could be slimmer/easier to travel with. The Fairytale palette has a cream shade, nude shade, gorgeous sparkly grey shade (my favorite), and a black. All 3 except the bottom left are matte and this is the best for every-day. My favorite is the Hollywood Palette, which has golden tones. The Galaxy Palette is perfect for a light smoky eye. I'm really impressed with the quality of the shadows--for the price, they're quite buttery and decently pigmented. Each palette has a unique design on the shadows which corresponds to the name, which I think is a cute touch (like hearts for fairytale).

Hollywood Palette

Fairytale Palette

Galaxy Palette

Each palette was watched clockwise, starting in the upper left corner. As you can see, Fairytale and Galaxy are quite similar, but the Galaxy shades are a bit more pigmented and the last black shade is sparkly not matte. Overall, these are quality eyeshadows that support an amazing Youtuber who made a dream come true! Congrats Tanya!

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