Monday, September 28, 2015

New Palettes From Tarte, BH Cosmetics, and BECCA

I'm a sucker for holiday purchases. They are always such great values, with cute, travel-friendly packaging. In the past couple of weeks, I jumped on these exciting new palettes from Tarte, BH Cosmetics, and Becca.

Tarte Bling It On Blush Palette. I've always been a fan of the Tarte 12 Hour Blush formula--they offer great pigmentation and lasting power. This palette features 5 practically full-size blushes, which is a rarity (although palettes are usually a good deal, it's hard to find things in full size). There's a nice variety of colors, with some pinks, neutrals, and corals. They are the same formulation as the regular ones and come with a large mirror. My only complaint is the packaging itself--the outside has a tacky black and gold glitter that sheds. But for only $44 and basically 5 full size blushes, snap up this limited edition baby while you can.
BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Eyeshadow & Highlight Palette. This is my first purchase from BH Cosmetics and definitely the most budget friendly. I've never heard of Carli Bybel, a famous Youtuber, but the internet was buzzing when news of this palette released. There are 10 matte and shimmer eyeshadows in colors similar to the Naked 3. They're all quite buttery and pigmented, but the star of the show is the highlights. They're amazing and sparkly without chunky glitter. It's great to have both highlighters and shadows in one palette, so it's perfect for travel. Plus at only $14 it's truly a steal. I had to wait a couple of weeks for mine to come, as the site crashed when it launched. It's currently out of stock but keep checking back because if you buy any of the three palettes, this one is it.
Becca Afterglow Palette. Although this palette has the tiniest pans, it's also slim and portable and the easiest to bring along for travel. It offers three of the famous Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors in light, medium, and dark shades (although they work for any skintone). There is also a neutral and pink blush, so pretty much all of your cheek needs are met. All five blushes/highlights are about the same price as one regular Skin Perfector or Blush, and it's the same price! This is great for someone who wants variety and a chance to sample all the different skin perfectors or blushes for the price of one.

Tarte L-R: Fetching, Dollface, Prim, Smashing, Beaming 

BH Carli First Row Eyeshadows

BH Carli Second Row Shadows and Highlighters

L-R: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Moonstone, Rose Gold, Topaz, Wild Honey, Flowerchild

These are my current favorite palettes for the holidays, but I'm sure as we get closer my list will grow! I believe all three are limited edition, so grab them while you can. Have you already grabbed any holiday palettes? Share below!

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