Friday, August 7, 2015

Kiko Cosmetics Haul

When I heard Kiko was launching an online store (and there was no warning, it was just announced and ready to rumble) I screamed inside. I've been wanting to try Kiko for the longest time and although there are a handful of US stores, none of them are convenient for me. Everyone who has access to Kiko raves about their affordability and quality products. As you can see, I did quite some damage but this was certainly a long time coming. They're having an awesome 50% off sale so unfortunately some of the products I purchased (from the Generation Next collection) are sold out online.

Tri-Soul Baked Blush in Deluxe Coral. I'm a sucker for anything baked. This blush is absolutely lovely -- finally milled, decently pigmented, and you can use the lighter stripe as a highlight or swirl everything together. My only gripe is the packaging--I love the wood look but it's actually quite heavy and bulky. The idea behind the Modern Tribes collection is great, but the packaging is a bit much.
Mosaic Blush in Luminous Baby Pink and Hypnotic Mauve. Unfortunately these are sold out, so I'm glad I snatched them up when I did. Lily Pebbles raved about these when they launched in the UK (March I think?) and I coveted them ever since. I'm a sucker for design and packaging and these mosaic babies just do it all. They're not the most pigmented, but sometimes I like that for no-makeup makeup days or they can be built up. 
Glow and Highlight 02. Sadly this is also sold out. It's a two-in-one blush and highlight stick that works better if you do both at the same time, instead of trying to achieve only a blush or highlight. It translates to a nice sheen on cheeks. I know the swatches all look kind of similar, as I do tend to stay in the same natural-ish color family, but trust me when I say they're all different enough.
Water Eyeshadow in Taupe. This is the other item that Kiko lovers rave about. It took a lot of restraint to only order one shade, but I'm quite happy with my purchase. On my arm, that's one swatch with no primer, so you get a lot of color payoff. They're similar to the Nars Dual Intensity Shadows or new MAC intensity shadows.
Unlimited Stylo in Cocoa. I figured I should round out my order with one lippie purchase. Kiko certainly kills it on color selection, so I can imagine being overwhelmed if I go into an actual store. This is a semi-matte finish that leans towards the creamy side, and although it claims it lasts for 8 hours, it only wore a couple before fading slightly. It's a nice little buy at the price and I love the color.
Dark Circle Tone Corrector in Yellow. I feel kind of dumb for getting the yellow shade, when I should have been buying orange to cancel out blueness. But putting anything orange on my face seems weird. This is meant to correct color tone before concealer, and it does a decent job. I'm figuring the yellow can also cancel out redness anywhere else.
Dark Circle Concealer in Peach. You put this on over the corrector and I really really like it. It's everything I want in a concealer -- creamy (yet not cakey), long lasting, and does a great job of canceling out blueness. I'm not a huge fan of the pump packaging, as I find I only need a little and too much is often dispersed at once. Oh well.
Precision Eyeliner. Originally I wasn't a fan of the separate brush eyeliners (is there another name) but they've grown on me. It's easier to have a thin line and I'm trying to improve my cat eye game, what little I have. This is a nice matte black that stays pretty well.
Generation Next Face Brush. I got this mainly for appearance reasons--I mean, purple handle and pink brush, how cute? The handle is very sturdy and although I've only used this once, it's a good all-over powder brush. Clearly others must have thought so as it's also sold out.

L-R: Coral, Baby Pink, Mauve, Highlight and Glow, Taupe, Coca, Corrector, Concealer (Peach), Eyeliner

Phewph! There's my mini-review/first impressions of what I'm sure will be many Kiko orders to come. There's free shipping over $35 and it came in about five days, so it's going to be hard to resist. For a limited time, you also get the cute purple makeup gift box for free, which will come in handy for organization. Have you tried anything from Kiko? I'd love to know your recommendations from the line!


  1. The blush looks so beautiful! I really want to try Kiko cosmetics!

  2. Kiko is absolutely amazing! There waterproof mascara is one of my favorites! :)
    Great post.