Friday, July 10, 2015

I Like These Things

Now this isn't a favorites post per se. These are just some products that have become every day staples to my daily routine (plus they didn't make it into the favorites so I'm throwing them in). But what makes it different is that these will be used for many months to come, as opposed to just on rotation for that month. Let me know if you like these types of posts, as it's something new and I like sharing my most used items with you all!

Kiehl's Iris Activating Treatment Essence. "Treatment essence" sounds kinda hokey but just think of it as another type of serum to put on before moisturizer. The bottle is HUGE and you only need a few drops (I love how there's an actual hole so it doesn't come spilling out). It's marketed as an anti-aging process, but I find it softens my skin and gives me a glow. You can use it morning and night and although it's reasonably-ish priced to begin with, this baby will last you a loooong time.
Foreo Luna Mini. Although this little gadget is pricy, you can it get on HSN for four monthly payments of less than $40, which isn't bad at all! This is like the next generation Clarisonic. I love my Clarisonic Mia but sometimes find it can be a bit much for my sensitive skin. I love the Luna Mini because it's way better for sensitive skin, using gentle sonic pulses to deep clean your skin. I've noticed a huge improvement using it the past month or so. The best part is that one charge of it lasts up to 300 uses and you don't need to replace a brush head or anything.
L'Oreal Nutri Shimmer Shine Spray (this is a detangling spray, mine is more of a finishing spray that I couldn't find online). I picked this up in a whim in Montreal and am so impressed. The nutri shimmer line is targeted for normal to fine hair, but I find that my thick dry hair also loves it. I use this as a finishing spray to my haircare routine and notice things seem shinier and less frizzy. I'll definitley pick up the conditioner next time I'm in Canada.
Garnier Summerbody Moisturising Lotion in Light. I've harped on and on about my obsession with British beauty products, but fortunately Feel Unique makes it possible for some of them to make it over the pond. This lotion is amazing. It's not a self-tanner, so you can apply pretty liberally and not have to worry about streaks. It gives just a hint of glow that can be built up, and is great to extend a tan.


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