Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Givenchy Glow Products

Givenchy is one of those brands I've never thought to try. I'm no stranger to designer beauty and have no problem paying the higher price tag if it's worth it but for some reason Givenchy just never made it on to my radar. One of the perks of being home is having access to many Sephoras with many brands and these two items caught my eye the other day.

Mister Radiant. This is marketed as an "innovative face gel". The little beads burst upon application, providing a tan glow that might seem intimidating but easily sheers out. There's not enough color in my opinion to be used as anything but a primer, and the gel texture makes it great for that. There isn't really any color once applied all over, but it still gives a nice glow. I can see myself wearing this alone on no makeup days when even a tinted moisturizer is too much.
Healthy Glow Powder in Shade 1 Première Croisière - tan beige. Although it's supposed to be a bronzer, I was instantly drawn to shade 1. It's a light beige shade that can be used as an all-over face powder and I can't see it being used as an actual bronzer on any skin tone. It's so finely milled and I love the finish it gives, whether wearing it alone or with foundation. The powder is a baked gel, which is a first to use for me. I really like it and the glow it gives, and can see myself wanting a darker shade for a bronzer in the near future (although my wallet is screaming no). As you can see from the swatch, it hardly shows up on my skin and just gives a very subtle sheen.

Healthy Glow, Mister Radiant

Have you tried anything from the Givenchy line? I'd love to know your recommendations!

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  1. Too bad the bronzers weren't very pigmented... Great review!