Monday, June 29, 2015

June Non-Beauty Favorites

I've had my blog for over a year (still feels crazy saying that) and have never done a non-beauty favorites! I always combine everything into one, but I've read so many books I loved and have some great TV shows to talk about. I didn't want to make a super long post, so I will have my beauty favorites coming on Wednesday!

Movies: If you haven't seen Inside Out yet, you're missing out. I've always been a big Pixar fan, so didn't think the movie would be bad no matter what. I was completely blown away. The concept itself is amazing and innovative -- each emotions perfectly visiaulized and unique (Amy Poehler as Joy, Phyllis from The Office as Sadness, etc). They are inside the head of 11-year-old Riley, who is uprooted from her life to move to San Francisco. The move is tumultuous to say the least (although I would be incredibly jealous) and her emotions go into overdrive. Joy and Sadness become lost in her long term memory, leaving the other emotions to take over. The way Pixar has imagined the inside of a mind is simply astounding--a literal train of thought, Imagination land, abstract thought, and more. I don't want to give all of the plot away, but that's not even the important part. The film will appeal to all ages--whether you're an eleven year old experiencing these same emotions, a parent dealing with a younger child, or someone who just, well, feels sad or joy at times. Not gonna lie, I definitely shed a few tears but there were laughs as well. Just go see it.

Books: I talked about three new books for summer here-- The Knockoff and Hyacinth Girls were two of my favorite. I also loved The Life and Death of Sophie Stark and The Ice Twins. I have a lot of books I'm still excited to read, so keep an eye out for more book reviews coming in July!

TV Shows:  
My favorite show of June was the Netflix Original Sense8. It starts off a bit confusing, but stick with it. 8 completely different people in different parts of the world are all mysteriously connected. They are being hunted down, and use their strengths to help each other out. Every character is so unique, developed, and likeable despite their faults. As the series progresses, they become more intertwined and the plot develops. There's a heavy amount of exposition, which I kind of like. There are only 12 episodes and I can't wait for the next season (which sadly will probably be a year).

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I have a love/hate relationship with this show. The characters can be hilarious at times (Charlie writes a catchy musical called "The Nightman Cometh" and the gang goes on a family feud-type show), but sometimes it can be a bit meh. Because it's on FX, the gang is definitley less vanilla than a show like HIMYM or Friends. Sometimes you hate them because they're that ridculous, but then they come back for you to love them.


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  3. I keep seeing that Sense 8 on my Netflix and I always wonder if it's any good. I'll definitely give it a go now :)

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