Friday, May 15, 2015

The Beauty Procrastination Tag

The next few weeks will be featuring some rather random posts, as I've mentioned that I'm moving and the majority of my makeup is in storage. I have bought some things at home (of course), which will be reviewed, as well as the makeup I did leave out. It's been a while since I've done a tag and people always seem to love them, so here's a new one I found!

1. Name a beauty regimen that you rarely do?
As I've said before, contouring is something I only do if I'm not feeling lazy or for special occasions.
2. Is washing your make-up brushes something that you do regularly?
It used to not be, but since getting a beauty blender, I've realized how important it is to have clean brushes and sponges. I didn't have a good brush cleaner, but I got one from Sephora and find that works really well.
3. How long will you last with chipped nail polish?
It depends... could be one or two days if I'm getting a manicure, or if I'm inspired I might just take it off right away and do my own nails. I definitely can never get that manicure finish on my own.
4. How long will you put off buying/replacing a beauty product, even if you need it?
I kind of have beauty OCD--if I know I'm running low on something, I'll definitely buy a backup before I run out of the other one. I have my items that I always re-buy but certain things, like body wash, are products I like to try different kinds of.
5. What is your worst beauty habit?
It used to be not washing my brushes, but now it might be lack of effort I put into my night-time skincare routine. 
6. Name something non-beauty related that you put off doing all the time?
Car washes for sure--I always leave it to the rain, which means I only get a few a year.
7. When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready to the last minute?
No way, I always leave ample time. I struggle with cat eyes (the curse of two different shape eyes. I always find it takes me more time than I think, so leaving ample time gives you some wiggle room.
8. Can you commit to spending bans?
I don't understand the question and I won't respond to it.
9. How organized are your make-up and nail polish collections?
I started off with a pretty good organization system, but as my collection grew, I ran out of space to properly house it. I just bought an Ikea Alex (it's about time!), which I'm excited to organize in my new house.

Let me know if you do this tag on your blog and leave a comment here!


  1. I love contouring but it does take up time :) loved this tag x

  2. Love your makeup bag! Hmmm not washing my brushes regularly is probably my biggest beauty mistake.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  3. IKEA Alex is a dangerous one. I bought one, too, and now I figure I have SO MUCH space left for more makeup...

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  4. I love car washes! Have always been such a treat for me haha!

    Great post x ♥