Monday, May 25, 2015

MAC Wash and Dry Collection

When I first saw the previews about this collection, I kind of let it fly by me. I'm definitely guilty of scooping up limited edition MAC products (items last year's Alluring Aquatic collection and Cinderella collections are some of my prouder purchases) but I didn't look into the Wash and Dry collection until last week. By that time, the amazing Freshen Up highlighter was already sold out on the MAC website. I ended up ordering that and the Crisp Whites blush on as soon as they launched Monday and then picked up the other blush and a bronzer in the store.

First of all, let's talk about the GORGEOUS packaging. This might be my favorite MAC packaging to date, and the bright colors make it easy to pick out of a collection. I love how even though MAC limited edition collection products tend to be more expensive, they still fall into a mid-price range that isn't nearly as bad as say, YSL.

Crisp Whites and Hipness Blush. Originally I just wanted the Crisp Whites blush, but once I saw Hipness, I knew I would regret purchasing it since it's also already sold out online. Both blushes both the normal MAC blush formula, which is slightly powdery but not dry at all. Crisp Whites is a light peachy pink, which adds a natural flush of color but is different than my usual rose blushes. Hipness is a brighter coral pink which I use with a light hand. I would say they are mostly matte with a hint of sheen.

Freshen Up Highlight Powder. Now here's the real star of the show--shades can be swirled together for a more intense coral color (it's definitely pigmented enough for fair-skin girls to use as a blush) or colors can be used individually as a highlight. It doesn't highlight pores and the glitter isn't just an overspray, which is super exciting. If you can still find this in stores or anywhere online, definitely don't hesitate to pick it up. 

Golden Rinse Bronzing Powder. Bronzers are one item I've actually never tried from MAC, and although this is a permanent item, I figured the gorgeous packaging was an excuse to try it. This one has a hint of shimmer, as opposed to the more matte shade, so I prefer it to add a glow to my face instead of a contour. The color has decent pay-off, and while it's not the most exciting bronzer I've tried, the packaging steps it up there.

L-R: Freshen Up, Golden Bronze, Hipness, Crisp Whites

Did you pick up anything from the MAC Wash and Dry collection? Do share your thoughts!


  1. The packaging is really unusual and very summer, love it :))

    Have an awesome day!
    Anna x
    Pattern Of Taste | Our Youtube channel

  2. I definitely agree with you here - the packaging (despite the name of the collection) makes it collector worthy! I wanted to splurge on a few items but for some reason the Canadian prices make it almost as expensive as some higher end beauty products!

    Glad you enjoyed your purchases - will you be buying any more?

    Stephanie |

  3. Great post! I love the packaging, it is so beautiful! I would like to try the Hipness blush. :D

  4. I definitely want the Freshen Up Highlight Powder! I swatched it in the store and fell in love. I may need to give in and purchase it.


  5. Awesome blog post! Love your blog ( :

  6. The packaging is beautiful! Lovely products

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  7. I'm in love with the packaging of this collection, the colours are insane! xx

  8. I am a total sucker for MAC limited edition collections, I couldn't resist this one either! I got highlighter and lipstick Steam Heat - the red one - they're both amazing!

  9. I love the packaging, too! And the highlight powder sounds RIGHT up my street!