Monday, April 27, 2015

Three New Palettes

You might think it's crazy but when I'm talking about three new palettes, I'm not talking about eyeshadow. There are definitely lots of new ones out there (and I've obviously gotten a few) but I talk about eyeshadow a lot so thought I would change it up. Palettes are always a great buy because not only are they convenient for travel, they take the guesswork out of what products to use and are often a great value.

Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette. This was my first foray into Sleek Makeup and I am thoroughly impressed. It's an incredibly affordable brand, and although it's UK based, they do ship to the US (though it takes a while). I love love love highlighters, and the ones in this palette are amazing. There are three cream shades and one powder shade. I've been leaning more towards the cream shades because they're butter soft and all of them can be used as eyeshadow highlighters, on the top of cheekbones, or whatever else you want.
Top Shop Concealer Palette. Three blendable concealers in a variety of colors that work for many skin tones--what else could you want? I mainly use them under my eyes, starting with the pinkish corrector shade then doing a yellow one on top. My favorite part is the translucent powder that it comes with, because my concealer tends to crease. Even if I use a different concealer, I still use the powder on top to set everything in place. 
Pixi Eye Bright Kit in Light/Medium. I decided to try something a little bit different with this--in addition to the two concealers it contains, it also contains a brightener to use underneath and a highlighter on top. There's less product than the Top Shop palette but it allows you to create more options in an itty-bitty container perfect for travel. Pixi is a great affordable brand that you can find in Target or online. 

Have you tried any of these? Let me know! And comment if you want to see a new eyeshadow palette review!


  1. I use the Pixi brightening concentrate and think it's really really great for dark circles!


  2. Ooo I should definitely buy the sleek palette! It sounds so versatile and being in the UK I should be able to find it :)
    I feel like all these non-eyeshadow palette just appeared out of nowhere one day!

  3. I've not heard/seen any of these before. Sleek and Top Shop are not really accessible in my area but Pixi is! I'd really like to see the inside of the Sleek Highlighter palette. I agree that palettes are an awesome money-saver, time-saver and space-saver. Totally takes the guess work out, you're right!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva