Friday, April 24, 2015

Shopping My Stash

First world problems: sometimes you have too much makeup that you forget what you have. I'm definitely guilty of this, but am hopefully getting an Ikea Alex soon so will have lots more room for organization and visibility! I "rediscovered" these products when browsing through my makeup and forgot how much I loved them, so have pulled them out to use again!

Chantecaille Blush (was limited edition). This little guy is so small it can easily be missed in my stash, but it's a gorgeous neutral blush in a rose pattern. Although there's not much product, it's densely packed and has a bit of a sheen but definitely no shimmer. Unfortunately it was limited edition and I have no idea what the actual name was.
Bourjois Bronzing Powder and Highlighter. For those who covet the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow but don't want to make the splurge, this is a really great alternative. The bronzer is a perfect brown that can either be used for contouring or warming the face. The highlighter isn't as good as Charlotte Tilbury's, but still is soft and shimmery to brighten.
Charlotte Tilbury Filmstars on the Go in "Some Like it Hot". How could I forget I owned a Charlotte Tilbury product? The bronze taupe shade can be swept over eyes for a no-fuss look, and the pink shade is super creamy. It's one of this rare shades that actually looks good on cheeks and lips.
MAC Modesty Blush (Limited Edition). I bought this in November as part of the MAC Holiday collection and it unfortunately was limited edition. This soft light pink shade is great for adding a slight hint of color without overdoing it, and it has cute special glittery packaging that makes it stand out amongst other MAC blushes.
Benefit Majorette. An awesome cream blush that I'm glad I rediscovered just in time for summer--the fresh coral color can be worn alone or as a booster to another blush. I'll definitely be reaching for this a lot this summer.
Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight. I only got this a few months ago, so I'm sad it was buried so quickly, but I rescued it from the depths of a makeup bag. It's by far my favorite highlighter stick that I've tried--it's super creamy and a gorgeous light pink color that blends in seamlessly. 

L-R: Chantecaille, Bourjois (2), Charlotte Tilbury (2), MAC, Benefit, Clinique

Also, last night the very funny comedian Hannibal Buress came to Burlington and knocked my socks off. You may recognize him as Lincoln from Broad City (one of my all-time favorite shows). His set was incredibly engaging and didn't just involve him standing up there reciting jokes--he also had some auditory additions that really added to it. If he's coming to a city near you, I highly recommend grabbing a ticket if you can.

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