Friday, April 3, 2015

New on Netflix

Maybe I'm crazy, but I'd rather watch five one-season shows than a single show with five seasons. I've found a few shows that are Netflix Originals and a couple other random ones. There's some comedy, some drama, and some random stuff thrown in here.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. This one probably had the most buzz--produced by Tina Fey, it's reminiscent of 30 Rock and was actually developed with network TV in mind. I had a love/hate relationship with this 13 episode series because some moments were absolutely funny and clever, and then two minutes later another joke would just fall flat. Each character is certainly unique and brings something special to the show and the short length of episodes makes it very easy to breeze through.

Bloodline. A family drama that takes place in the Florida Keys, the Brayburn family is interrupted by the return of black sheep brother Danny. It started out a bit slow and I was wondering what direction it was going in, but after a while, I got really into it. I think my biggest problem was the lack of emotional connection to the characters, as they just aren't incredibly relatable. I've never seen Damages but I've heard it likened to that, so if you're a fan you should check it out.

Black Mirror. Although only six episodes are on Netflix, each episode is about an hour and is stand-alone. It's as if they're all mini films, and the intricate plots certainly suck you in. It takes place in the somewhat distant future, and each episode explores a different aspect of how technology is changing our lives (usually for the worse). The concepts are incredibly creative, and just out-of-the-box enough to really make you think. If I had to pick a favorite of the five, this would certainly be it.

The Fall. Maybe it's something about specifically Netflix Originals, but this was another show I was slow-to-warm-up-to. After about the second episode, I fell right into the drama (maybe that's where they got the name?). A serial killer is on the loose, and what I love about this show is the intense look we get into his life. It's almost like a more intense episode of Criminal Minds, but the cat and mouse game intensifies throughout the two seasons currently available. I can't wait for season 3.

3rd Rock From the Sun. I guess this show was on in the 90s but I had never watched it. My boyfriend had it on a couple of weeks ago and it's become our go-to show when we want something light to watch. Baby Joseph Gordon-Levitt is adorable and I love the nostalgia it evokes. This isn't one you need to binge-watch, but is always great to have on hand for when you want something else to watch.

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  1. I love Netflix! It's so great that everything is there and waiting, have you checked out any of the Amazon prime programs? Some of them are really good!