Friday, April 17, 2015

Feel Unique Haul

I had heard various British youtubers/bloggers mention the Feel Unique website before, but I assumed they wouldn't ship to the US (I'm looking at you Boots). Much to my surprise, shipping was free on orders over $15 and it came within a week! In addition to many drugstore items that aren't available in the US, items that are also carried here are actually often cheaper on the site. Plus, they usually have great discount codes you can use. Here are the items I picked up.

Zoella Beauty Just Say Yes Bag. I love finding makeup bags because I often use them not only for travel but also to store my products from my daily collection in. This one is a sturdy plastic that holds a lot and the pattern is absolutely adorable. Just say Yes is my motto when it comes to makeup, and there are a couple other designs in the collection as well.
Rimmel Lasting Concealer in 010 Very Light. Rimmel is one of my favorite drugstore brands, and they seem to always release new products in England before the US. This thick textured concealer is surprisingly creamy, and can be used under eyes or on blemishes. It feels like it should cost way more than the $9 I paid for. 
Rimmel 3 in One Bronzer Gold Princess. Again, another awesome Rimmel product that isn't in the US. This lighter color definitely shouldn't be used for contour, but can be used alone or with a blush to add a subtle sun kissed glow. Shades can be swirled together or used individually as highlighters and eyeshadows. 
Bourjois Nude Sensation Foundation in Nude Clair. I've only worn this once, but I really like the finish it gives. The texture is way more creamier and moussier than I expected, but it blends into skin really well. It's not cakey at all and provides a great light-medium coverage.
Garner Self Tan Cream for Face. Garnier isn't a brand I really use from drugstores here, but something about the UK-exclusivity of it hooked me. I rarely use self-tanner on my body, but I figured this would be a good cheap product to have around and use on my face for when I need it to match my body or give me a subtle glow.
Rimmel Sunshimmer Pre Tan Body Exfoliator. I'm not sure how much I believe the hype of an exfoliator exclusively for tanning products, but with the cheap price tag, I decided to give this a go. I've only used it once, but it did seem to be very exfoliating and smelled very nice.

If you live in the US but have always wanted to try some UK drugstore products at an inexpensive price with fast shipping, I highly recommend ordering from!


  1. Great Post!

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  2. Oh wow! What a great website to bookmark! I haven't come across Feel Unique before but you make it sound like one I need to visit promptly!

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