Monday, April 6, 2015

Chanel Lip Picks

Any item from the Chanel collection instantly screams luxury. I believe in splurging on good quality items if you're getting your moneys worth, and that is certainly the case with my Chanel lippie collection. Plus the black packaging with interlocking Cs is almost worth it alone.

Rouge Allure Color and Shine Glosses. First of all, the packaging on these is awesome. The lip wand clicks into the package, so you never have to worry about it leaking. They're a lipstick-lipgloss hybrid, where the gloss lasts for a few hours and leaves a color stain behind. I love that they aren't super sticky and are super moisturizing. The shades I own are Audace, Merveille, and Sensible. 
Levres Scintillantes Glossimer. I have no idea what the name really means, but this lip gloss is one of Chanel's best selling products so I know it's pretty good. This is definitely a glossier formula than the color and shine glosses, and the rose color I own (surprise surprise) works great on it's own or over a lipstick. I only own Color 117 (can't find the exact name). 
Rouge Coco Shine. Similar to the YSL Glossy Balms, these lipbalm/lipstick hybrids are so easy to put on. They're sheer but build able and you don't even need a mirror to apply. Certain colors are more pigmented than others, so browse around the collection based on your preferences. My favorite is Boy, a shimmery pink shade that's one of their best sellers. I also love Desinvolte, which is a limited edition coral shade for spring. 
Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lipstick. These are the newest formulation and they have been taking over the blogging world. I never tried the old formula, but I love the hydration and color of this formula. Shades are grouped into families like Reds and Nudes, so it's easy to find a shade based on your preferences. I recently picked up Adrienne and Mademoiselle. 
*I also have a lipstick in the shade Desinvolte, and I think it was one of the old Rouge Cocos that has been discontinued.

L-R: Audace, Merveille, Sensible, 119, Etole, Boy, Desinvolte, Adrienne, Mademoiselle

Have you tried any lip products from Chanel? Let me know your favorites!


  1. I love love love Chanel lipsticks! I don't get along really well with their lip glosses but I'm not a gloss girl anyways. My favorite chanel lipstick is La romanesque which makes part of their Spring 2015 collection!

    Maria // Fox and Arrow

  2. Great post! I have never had a Chanel lipstick but when I splurge for one I think I will try the new formula. :D

  3. Oh, you own a lot of beautiful shades!! I don't have a favorite one (:

    Nati xx

  4. I have the old Rouge Coco shine and one of the regular lipsticks, I'm dying to try the new formula in the shade Adrienne!

  5. Thanks for including swatches! I don't have own any Chanel lipsticks but it's a good time to start :)

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  6. Wow so envious! I've had my eyes on Chanel's lip products for a while but wasn't sure if they were worth the price tag, might have to splurge on some now :)

  7. Great collection! I love Chanel Rose Comete! It's one of my favourites!