Monday, March 9, 2015

The Question: How Do You Organize Your Makeup?

I'm reaching the point in my collection where my storage units really aren't working for me right now. I use a variety of keeping stuff in makeup bags (not the best for visibility but easy to hold stuff), clear small drawers, and bigger drawers. So I have a question for you: What do you find are the best ways to organize your makeup? Either share a pic, a crafty idea, or link to a good storage item! The best ideas will be added to this post.

(Not my actual collection but I wish)

Also, it's been a while since I've posted about a book I really enjoyed. Over the weekend, I read The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. Normally I'm not the biggest fan of historical fiction, but the story completely captivated me. Two sisters growing up in France experience WWII and the invasion of Germans, dealing with it in different ways and still making a difference. With such vivid descriptions and plot points, it was easy to visualize and become engrossed.


  1. That book sounds like a good read!

  2. Right now I'm not fully set up because I'll be moving shortly. All my makeup lives in the top drawer of my dresser but it's not ideal! I'd love to hear some great storage tips for my new place.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  3. Wow, honey you have a looot of make up :)
    ok..i do have a lot of nail polishes, of course I need them all :)

    I would be sooo happy if we will follow each other, if you like my blog too :)
    xoxo Colli // tobeyoutiful

  4. NICE! :)

  5. Good luck with your reorganization, post photos if you figure out any good ideas!

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  7. Most of my beauty blogger friends use long tall drawers (like the Alex drawers from Ikea) but I don't have nearly enough space in our my tiny little apartment.

    So I bought a nail polish rack to hold little things like perfumes, deluxe samples, serums, nail polishes (duh) which saves so much space since it mounts right on the wall, and lots of little acrylic compartments for my lip products, so that everything is right in front of me and visible. Tool organizers are SO useful for small palettes like Nars blushes, the Naked Basics palettes, etc. and eye/lip pencils and products as well. They're pretty small too, so I have two that fit right under my bed and I use them often!

    For my bigger palettes, I just store in magazine racks (or bookends) to organize them sideways in drawers rather than stacking them on top of each other. That way they're like a file drawer and I can just pick out whichever ones I want and slide them right back in.

  8. I'm all for keeping my collection small, I clear out constantly the products I dont use, I only have 1-2 mascaras and foundations at once. For things that I can collect, Blush, Lipstick etc I store in see through containers I buy from TK Maxx or on eBay, I'm sure I have a picture on my Instagram @Erin31811

    As for Nailvarnish & Lipstick I also pack away my winter colours for winter, and swap for summer colours, so every 6 months I feel as if I am buying new makeup! Win!