Friday, March 13, 2015

No Makeup Makeup Essentials

Call me crazy, but I love Friday the 13th. 13 is my lucky number, Friday's are my favorite days, and weird stuff (good or bad) tends to happen on them. Plus, it's the second one in a row this year. For everyone who wants to take a day off of their normal makeup routine, or maybe wants to start off slow adding something, there are a few things you can add to achieve a "no makeup" makeup look. By no means am I advocating that you need to wear makeup to feel beautiful, but I find it fun and it always cheers me up to have something on my face--no matter how lazy I feel. Here are a few products you can use if you want to still seem like you're wearing something without caking it on.

Charlotte Tilbury Eye Cheat. If you want to look more awake, use nude eyeliner (NOT WHITE) on your waterline. I personally prefer darker colors to add depth to my eyes, but if you're someone who tends to shy away from eyeliners, using a nude color can add a little more definition and make your eyes look bigger.
Charlotte Tilbury First Love Blush. These are easily my favorite blushes. This one is definitely with the most natural, adding a subtle glow whether you do the actual swish and pop method or swirl both colors together. There's a hint of shimmer but no visible chunks of glitter. Other colors work just as well depending on the look you're going for.
YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in Rose Infinite. My-Lips-But-Better colors are having a serious moment in my lipstick wardrobe. With a not too sheer formula that still lets color shine through, this dark rosy nude adds a little something extra to my lips without it being obvious.
Diorskin Nude BB Cream. What would a No Makeup Makeup post be without a BB cream? Lighter than a foundation, this one still offers a decent amount of coverage while adding a subtle glow to skin. Imperfections can shine through, so use a concealer if you're concerned.
MAC Burgundy Times Nine Eyeshadow Palette. Eyeshadow isn't necessary for days when you want minimal makeup, but I had to give a special shoutout to this new palette. You get a great variety of MAC colors for a great value, and the colors aren't so nude where they're blah. It's something a bit different to add to my collection, and the burgundy colors can pop when you keep everything else natural. 

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  1. Such a good tip - using nude liner not white, it's so much more natural. Although white liner is very 60s! :)

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty