Monday, February 9, 2015

February Beauty Wish List

It's my birthday Thursday, so it seems like a fitting time to make a wish list (although I'm pretty sure all of my gifts are already taken care of). There's also a ton of new beauty launches, but then again, when aren't there? These are a few things I've been eyeing recently, although by this time next week, I'm sure there will be a million more launches out to get excited for.

Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick in Fromentera. Obviously a new Charlotte Tilbury product would make it into the bunch. I love the chubby stick cream formula of swipe-and-go, plus it's supposed to not sink into pores and be long lasting. If it's Charlotte approved, I'm all about it.

Burberry Eye Color in Rosewood. I prefer to buy palettes instead of single eyeshadows, but so many bloggers have been raving about this shade. It seems like a decent sized product for the (admittedly high) price, and it's a lovely satin taupe shade.

Clinique Sculptionary Cheek Contouring Palette in Defining Roses. Phewph the name is a mouthful! Each color can be used on it's own or they can be swirled together to add either definition or a subtle blush. Obviously the rose color is screaming my name.

Urban Decay Naked Concealer. This claims to be high-coverage yet seamless (a hefty claim). I'm usually impressed with Urban Decay products, so I have high hopes. It would be nice to find a "second skin" concealer for my dark circles.

Tata Harper Moisturizing Mask. Now this is a true wishlist item--the ridiculous price means I would never buy it unless it somehow goes on sale. I had a free sample packet, left it overnight on my skin, and was seriously impressed. It might be better than Glamgldw Thirsty Mud but not worth the extra moolah.

What's been on your wishlist lately? Do tell!


  1. I'm dying to try some Charlotte Tilbury makeup. Oh boy, any of this, actually!

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  2. Amazing wish list! These new Clinique palettes look so pretty! x