Monday, January 26, 2015

Why It's Ok To Not Be OK

It's time for a more personal post. I love writing this blog so much--it's great to share things I love, communicate with other bloggers, and gain new ideas. But sometimes it's just so hard to get motivated. Do you ever feel like you have too much time yet not enough time? I'm not drowning in work this semester (at least yet), but each of my classes is definitely not a cake-walk.

Excuse me as I look like a total weirdo.

I'm also the editor-in-chief of an online magazine and recently got a semester-long internship learning new social media strategies and running pages for an organization on campus. Plus I work at the front desk of dorm and I'm in a sorority. Did I mention I have friends to spend time with, shows to watch, and beauty products to try?

So with all of that going on, you would assume I barely have time to think. And that's where you're wrong. Despite all of my commitments, I am fortunately still able to find some downtime to myself where I can watch Netflix and read beauty blogs. But it's hard. No matter what I am doing at the time, I always feel like I could be doing something else. I would love to be able to post on here every day, and I'm sure I probably could, but then the posts would seem rushed, sloppy, and not meaningful.

And here's where my main point comes in--it's okay to be stressed. It's okay to feel like you have no friends and no one wants to hang out with you, because I promise you they do. It's okay to feel like you will not genuinely be okay until you find a summer job (any takers? I'm still looking!). Because through all this stress and negative emotions comes the good stuff. I remember my freshman year (two whole years ago!), when I didn't have many meaningful friendships but I did have loads of downtime and almost no hobbies. And with all that free time, I felt incredibly sad and low. My life didn't really have a purpose (I didn't get into beauty until about a year and a half ago).

So when you don't feel okay because you're stressed, depressed, or just simply having a down day, know that things have to get better. There has to have been some moment during the week that made you smile. Busy lives can be hard but I promise you they are so much better than doing nothing at all. I know everything I'm doing is important for later on in life, and it makes me treasure those free and happy moments so much more. We don't have to be happy 100% of the time, because then it wouldn't feel as special. Accept the icky feelings and spend the night alone with a good book, because when it comes down to it, tomorrow is a new day (god that's cheesy but it's really so true).

I hope you enjoy this type of stream-of-conciousness, rambling post. And even if you don't, please only comment with good vibes :)

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