Friday, October 10, 2014

Lorac Mega Pro Palette

First of all, I apologize for this not being a super in-depth post... it's been a crazy week but I wanted to at least put something up. Out of all the holiday launches, the Lorac Mega Pro Palette is what caught my eye. Originally I thought it was just a combination of the original palette and pro palette 2, but it includes mostly new shades! I love the Lorac shadows, especially the quality you get for the price. I'm excited to play with this palette... it will definitely keep me busy for a while!

Full size vs. Original Pro (top) and Pro 2 (bottom)

As you can see, some of the browns look the same but almost all of the shades on the right side seem to be different and something fun to play with. I do wish there were some more purple/taupe shades but I definitely have some of those around the rest of my collection. There's a lot of hype around this palette, so make sure you grab it before it sells out. It's available exclusively on the the Lorac website or

If you're looking for a great read this weekend... check out Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld (remember him? He wrote the Uglies and Pretties series). It's an alternating chapter book. One perspective is Darcy, an 18 year old who has deferred college and written a highly anticipated young adult novel. She's figuring herself out in the hubbub of NYC, which is contrasted with the actual chapters of the book "she" wrote. I was never confused (the perspectives are obviously different), but it did feel kind of weird to be reading two different stories at once. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it.

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