Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pens

I constantly rave about the Marc Jacobs eyeliners, which are my favorite high-end ones, but the Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pens are a close second. They're significantly cheaper, which is a huge plus, and just as pigmented. This was my first venture into the brand, and I also picked up an illuminating primer a while back at Target which I also like. Recently I've been trying out the liquid liner which lasts all day and is great for creating small fine lines.

From just one swipe, you can see they are even creamier and pigment than the Marc Jacobs one. Because they're so silky, they can be prone to smudging/wearing off, but that is true of any eyeliner (plus I'm always rubbing my eyes). Deep Plum is just what the name suggests, a rich matte purple. Copper Glow is a shimmery light reddish brown. Black Tulip is probably my favorite, because it's a darker purple that leans more towards black but still isn't quite dramatic. Of course I have the classic Black Noir as well as Glimmery Black which has some subtle shimmer.

There's a great value set with 6 different mini pens and a sharpener. If you want to try these out and get a bunch of different colors, go for it (the entire set costs less than one Marc Jacobs pen FYI). I've been crazy busy with recruitment last week and a bunch of exams this week, so I will try my best to get three posts a week out on the blog but it might be more like two. There will definitely be a September favorites next week as those are my favorites.

What's your favorite long-wearing, pigmented eyeliner? Let me know!

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