Friday, September 5, 2014

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes Review

These babies have been out for quite some time, and I actually picked up my first one in March, but now that I own four maybe it's time to rave about them. Hourglass itself is such a fabulous brand--besides these, I own the Ambient Lighting Palette (easily one of my best purchases to date), the Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Rose, and the Hidden Corrective Concealer (another much raved about purchase). However, if you couldn't tell from the title, this post focuses on reviewing the Ambient Lighting Blushes.

Luminous Flush and Diffused Heat

Dim Infusion and Mood Exposure

As you can see, the blushes themselves are gorgeous because they combine a pop of color with one of the brand's famous highlighting powders. All of these blushes are finely milled with sturdy packaging, which are always plusses in my book. They aren't completely matte nor shimmery but deliver a fine, healthy glow to your cheeks. It doesn't emphasize pores, which is always a problem I have.

Luminous Flush is a "champagne rose" and doesn't apply nearly as pink as it seems. Diffused Heat is a "vibrant poppy" and the most pigmented of the bunch, so use a lighter hand with this one. My two favorites and the more natural of the bunch are Dim Infusion, a "subdued coral" and Mood Exposure, a "soft plum". 

Although these are infused with Ambient Lighting powders, color is the stronger focus so they're especially gorgeous when you add a highlight to them. Each blush has a unique pattern as they are baked in Italy, so no two are alike! Which one is your favorite?

L-R: Dim Infusion, Mood Exposure, Luminous Flush, Diffused Heat

I survived my second week of school woo! It was incredibly hot this week so I am wholeheartedly ready to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. I also read the book Virgins by Radika Sanghai and I loved it. It's about a 21 year old girl at university, ashamed she's still a virgin, but it's more just an adorable coming of age story. Ellie, the main character, was relatable, sarcastic, and even starts a blog! Go check it out.


  1. These look gorgeous! Lovely review!

  2. This looks gorgeous and so beautiful on the skin - I can imagine that it gives skin a really lovely rosy/healthy glow! :)

    Layla xx