Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Fresh Faced Primer/Foundation Duo

I'm kind of a foundation junkie. I love all the ones I have but they work well for different things. I have dry/combination skin and my main concern with foundation is covering up redness. Laura Mercier recently introduced the Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide Foundation and I'm a huge fan of the tinted moisturizer, so I wanted to try something with a bit more coverage. I also picked up the Radiance Foundation Primer which I had a sample of a while back and felt very c'est-la-vieish if that's a thing cause it is now.

As you can see the primer is really dewy and gives a nice glow (it does sheer out and becomes colorless on the skin). It's not the absolute best for making foundation last but it does prolong wear more than most. Since I have drier skin, I always love to make my foundations appear dewy and fresh faced so this is a winner in my book.

I also love the foundation more than I thought I would. It's light to medium coverage, and has a really thin runny texture that applies better than you think it does. I'm the shade Cashew, which is for light skin with slightly warm/neutral undertones. This isn't too dewy or matte, so I do like adding the primer to give a bit more dewiness but it sets down well. You have to shake it every time so that the mixture of water and foundation serum thingy can blend together, and sometimes it seeps out, so the packing is slightly annoying but I got over it.

I caved and bought a few Charlotte Tilbury items from Nordstrom today, so expect to see a review of those as soon as they come. I'm also expecting a package from Asos any day now with a few Bourjois and UK-exclusive Rimmel items. Those will be reviewed too! Lots of excitement and new things to come wooooo.

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