Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Musings #2

Another Monday, but not just any Monday. This is my last Monday of my summer job, which is slightly bittersweet, but I definitely won't miss waking up at 6:45 every morning. School is supposed to be when you wake up early and summer is when you sleep in, but my classes are all at 11:30 next semester so I will be sleeping in :)

1. I finally got a digital camera for the blog. I chose this one because it was cheap, got good reviews, and was purple. So look forward to some much better quality pictures starting around next week (assuming I can figure out technology).

2. I hate packing. This has been the summer of packing... I packed up my dorm in May and had to bring stuff to storage/home/my friend's house. I was home for a month then unpacked at my sublet this summer, and am starting to pack again to move into my sorority house. I am sick of all the move in stuff--I just would love to be settled in one place for more than 9 months. I also always have much more stuff than I think I do and seem to always lose my favorite shirt in the moving process.

3. The book I read this weekend was California by Eden Lepucki. I did not like this book. It's about a post-apocalyptic America, where people retreat into the wilderness and the extremely wealthy get to live in their own secluded communities, and centers around a married couple Freida and Cal. What bothered me the most is that Lepucki doesn't go into extreme detail about the transition between things going into decline and how the cities go into decay. It tried really hard to be sophisticated and wasn't easy to push through.

4. How I Met Your Mother. Wow this show is great. I'm always late to the bandwagon, but I'm glad I discovered this show right after it ended so I don't have to wait in anticipation for each episode. I love all the characters and while some antics are crazy, it's not one of those incredibly out-there comedies. I'm on season 4 and started Thursday... oops.

5. I've loved being able to have the time to update this blog so frequently over the summer, but am expecting some changes in content uploads during the school year. I don't want to let this blog fall by the wayside, but I am much busier. I am going to aim for about 3 blog posts a week, as I will also be writing/being editor-in-chief for Her Campus UVM.

6. Lastly, check out this article that shows how much a perspective can have on weight loss photos. I can't believe that these photos are taken within minutes of each other. Mind. Blown.

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