Saturday, August 23, 2014

Lorac Pro Palette Review

I have been coveting this palette for so long that I finally took the plunge. The Lorac Pro Palette has been getting rave reviews but I tried to tell myself I don't need another eyeshadow palette. I'm glad I decided to get it though.

First, let's just talk about the palette itself. It's incredibly sleek with a huge mirror, so it's great for travel. It has a variety of warm and cool shades, shimmer and mattes, and they're all incredibly soft and buttery and pigmented. Each shadow is a decent size and for the price, each shadow would be about $4 (which is insane!). It also comes with a mini eyeshadow primer too, so bonus! For those of you who already have a nude eyeshadow palette (or 7), this one has the most shade depth I have seen. The top 4 shadows remind me of the Naked 3, while the other shades remind me more of Naked 1 and 2.

Top Row of Shadows

Bottom Row of Shadows

Overall, I'm extremely impressed with the quality of these shadows and would recommend this as either your first nude palette or just a handy add to your collection. I already want the Lorac Pro 2 Palette! 

I've taken these pictures on my new digital camera, which I'm experimenting with. I apologize about the quality of the swatch photos--those are still a work in progress on how to photograph. Look for a face of the day featuring this palette next week!

I just stumbled across this trailer on a whim and it looks fantastic. White Bird in a Blizzard stars Shailene Woodley and Christopher Meloni. It looks exactly like everything I want in a movie and hopefully will come to Vermont.

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