Thursday, July 3, 2014

July Goals

There's always so many things I want to accomplish in a month but never actually do. I figured, if I post them on the internet where everyone can see them, then I'm more accountable for actually doing them (well let's hope). So here are some of my goals for July.

  1. Go on a hike. I live in Vermont, which has some of the most beautiful mountains and trails in America. Tons of people go on weekend hikes like it's their job, whereas I sleep in like it's my job. The only hike I've ever been on was in fourth grade and I proceeded to twist my ankle about ten minutes into it, so I would like to actually complete a whole one (and return unscathed).
  2. Use more bright colors. My favorite types of blushes tend to be more natural, but since it's summer, I want to try using more fun and bright colors! I've picked up the cult-favorite Nars Deep Throat, a peach with shimmer. It's a more natural bright (if that makes sense) so is great for those days when I feel like going in between. I've also picked up two amazing products from my new favorite makeup store, Mirror Mirror, and these are perfect for summer. Bobbi Brown Apricot Blush looks super scary in the pan, but actually provides a warm pink glow that doesn't make you look like a clown. Lipstick Queen Stoked is a perfect coral that sheers out on your lips while still delivering great color payoff. 
  3. Clear out my kindle. I have so so many books on my kindle and even though I read a ton, I feel like they never go away. Goal for July is to have less than 20 books on it (and review some along the way). Yes this is my kindle currently.
  4. Eat at home more. I'm definitely not the best cook out there, plus I'm lazy when it comes to food (if it takes more than ten minutes I'm out). But I want to try to eat out less and potentially cook more or just eat more cheaper prepared things. Or convince others to cook for me :)
  5. Buy less makeup. Lol.  
This is my thirteenth post, which is also my favorite number, which means this has to be lucky, which means I'll do all of these things right?

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  1. The Lipstick Queen Stoked looks amazing and I would love to try it :)

    //Michelle from Glassow