Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Killer Cheekbones

I've always coveted the luxurious Charlotte Tilbury makeup collection... but sadly it is unavailable in the USA. You can only imagine my excitement when the Sculpt & Highlight set appeared on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. This item was a super splurge, but I had a gift card so I'm glad I took the plunge (it's now sold out). For Americans, this item is now virtually impossible to get unless you want to spend about $40 to get it shipped from Selfridges. The kit consisted of the actual palette as well as the Powder and Sculpt Brush. I could have done without the brush, especially since I have a similar cheaper one from Sigma, but they only came together. Anyways, onto the product!

It came housed in this beautiful red box, and the palette is housed in a swanky gold compact. There's a decent amount of product, which should be expected for what you pay. I don't highlight and contour every day, but they are two steps I like to add when I have the time/energy to really do a full face and add that extra glow. The bronzer works great for skin tone and has those grey undertones you need for contouring... this shade may not work for medium/deeper skin tones as it is on the lighter side. And oh that highlight. Both of these are so finely milled and I love the glow the highlight adds without emphasizing my pores.

If you want to make the splurge, or buy one item from Charlotte Tilbury (for those in the UK fortunate enough to be able to do so), I really recommend this item.

Also, I recently attempted to reorganize my makeup and give each item a specific drawer so there weren't concealers thrown everywhere. I'm thinking of doing a weekly Drawer Tour... one week you would see my mascara drawer, another week the eyeshadows, etc. Let me know if that's what you'd like to see!

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