Friday, June 27, 2014

Throwback Friday

In lieu of doing another blog post today, I thought I would direct ya'll to some of my previous beauty blog posts on This is only slight self-promotion, but I've been writing for Her Campus UVM for the past year and a half. I'm going to be editor in chief next year and cannot wait. I didn't only write beauty posts last year, so I will link a few non-beauty related posts as well. Feel free to browse around our website and check out articles from other people as well! And like us on Facebook while you're at it :)

Makeup Ideas To Try This Spring (they can still work for summer!)
April Favorites
Which Concealer Is Right For You?
Drugstore Products Under $12
Dos and Donts of Living With Your Friends

Her Campus is not active during the summer (hence the daily blogging here), but we post lots of content during the school year so be sure to check us out there!

Currently Reading: Palo Alto by James Franco. I picked it up mostly because it's written by a god James Franco but I'm really not crazy about it. I like the short story idea but these are almost monotonous and lacking something, I'm not sure what.

Today also marked 500 views on the blog so thank you to everyone who's been reading and have a great weekend! :)

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