Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Musings

Another Monday, another four days of wondering if it's Friday yet. I can't believe it's almost July, I guess time really does move faster when you're older.

Currently Watching: I took a break from Desperate Housewives this weekend to watch American Horror Story. I had heard good things about the show but I had no idea just how good it was. Each season is its own story, so I watched all of season two in two days. Oops. However, there are only thirteen episodes and it feels like one long psychological thriller, so you know I'm going to be watching until it's concluded. I should probably go back and finish the last ten episodes of Desperate Housewives before delving into the rest of AHS... otherwise I may never return. Plus Evan Peters (as Kit Walker) with a Boston accent is positively adorable.

Currently Listening To: One of the worst feelings is knowing the general tune of a song but not knowing any real identifiable lyrics/who sings it. This song came on my Pandora a few weeks ago and I had forgotten to "like" it, but I was able to identify enough lyrics to finally reveal its identity--Cold December by Matt Costa. I've also fallen back in love with Crooked Teeth, my favorite song by them.

Currently Reading: I started The Vacationers by Emma Straub on Friday and haven't picked it up since. It's not that it was terrible, I was just sidetracked by American Horror Story and hope to finish it today.

New Favorite Perfume: A random visit into The Body Shop last week found a new discovery, and fast favorite. I've always loved the smell of roses, and the Atlas Rose collection smells so so good. It's super affordable... I got the perfume for only $25 and fragrance mist for $14. Plus, if you go during one of their frequent sales it's even cheaper. It has great staying power and I love catching a whiff of it during the day. This scent is a great dupe for Roses de Chloe, which I also love but is suuuuuper expensive (I'm glad I chose to get the slightly less pricy See by Chloe instead, even before I knew of this dupe).

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