Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How I Organize My Makeup

I don't yet have an Ikea Alex (the organizer of choice for all beauty gurus), but I do have a $10 shelf thing from Target so I'm on the road. It's great because not only was it so cheap but it also holds everything and is the perfect height for me to sit down and go about my routine using a cosmetic mirror. At some point on here I will probably get into what is in each drawer but for now I'm just covering the basic organization.

These small acrylic drawers can seriously hold so much, plus they offer storage on top. They are loosely organized into eye/face/lip sections, but in all honestly I've just kind of thrown in whatever fits. On top, I keep my trusty Almay eye makeup remover sticks, makeup wipes, and my favorite everyday foundations. I love this New York City mug from Starbucks because it does a great job of holding all of my brushes. Next to it, I keep a clear cotton ball holder that can hold about ten different lip products. Normally I keep my cosmetic mirror in front of the drawers but took it away for the sake of pictures.

In the next section, I keep one more plastic drawer. It's really hard to see but next to it is a makeup bag where I keep my collection of MAC lipsticks. I keep primers out and viewable for easy access since I use them every day, and sometimes random products find their way there.

The middle section houses all of my palettes. I attempted to organize them in this letter holder but have just shoved them to the side.

Lastly, I have some Q Tips because they are an everyday essential. I've also thrown a bunch of stuff into this Vera Bradley Cosmetic Bag. These are my absolute favorite makeup bags--I keep one in my car and work bag as well. This large size can hold so so much and they have a lining to keep things waterproof.

This is all a temporary arrangement for the house I'm subletting over the summer and will most likely change when I move into my sorority house in August, but I like the way it's working for now.

I finished Desperate Housewives yesterday and now don't know what to do with my life (only a slight exaggeration). After I finish the very brief two seasons of American Horror Story I have left (why are there so few episodes??), I'm thinking of starting Mad Men.

Do you have any tips for organizing your makeup you'd like to share? Or a suggestion for a show for me to start next? Let me know, I'd love to have some comments coming in!

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